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2020 Delta Regional Forum Canceled

Published on 04/01/2020


Published on 02/25/2020

The Delta Directions Consortium (DDC) welcomes academics with a research focus on rural socioeconomic development and/or health to apply to join the Center for Population Studies (the Center) at the University of Mississippi as a Visiting Scholar for the Summer of 2020. The DDC is an interdisciplinary network of partners that focuses on the intersections of socioeconomic development, health, and...

Mississippi Delta Fellowship 2020

Published on 11/04/2019

The Mississippi Delta Fellowship connects recent law school graduates to on-the-ground, community-centered work in the Mississippi Delta. Based in the heart of the South and home of the Blues, the Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to inform and catalyze community change through the creation, development, and management of interdisciplinary projects. In turn, the Fellowship provides opportunities...